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Each project for us is a task that we have to solve. The project’s success depends on how we’ll solve it. Therefore, we approach each task very carefully, exploring all its features and develop individual, original design space.

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Landscape design is an independent profession and a design and art tradition, practised bylandscape designers, combining nature and culture. In contemporary practice landscapedesign bridges between landscape architecture and garden design.

This gorgeously execution 3D visualisation of an impeccable and art deco landscape designwas created by Russian designer Jenny Sherr (Evgeniya Scherbakova).

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We will develop a corporate identity of your company from beginning to the end. You can always order a brand book or logo of your company.

We very carefully approach the design of your logo, business cards, advertising, etc. And of course, we’ll consider all your suggestions. All this will lead to the creation of your unique project.

What is it?

Corporate identity is a set of graphic elements, color styling and compositional devices, specially designed and integrated for the company to create some memorable visual image of everything connected with the company, its activities and products.

The main stages in the creation of corporate identity:

  1. The concept.
  2. Logo design, selection of brands colors.
  3. Development of promotional products.
  4. Development of a design of the marcet points if it’s nessesuary.
  5. Development of a corporate suits.
  6. Creating a brand-book and disk with all the necessary information.
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We can put in your interior original paintings from Jenny Sherr, as well as works of some other contemporary artists of Russia.